Gigi’s Grocery

Gigi's Grocery

While traveling through the back roads of Oklahoma on our way to a business meeting, we came upon Gigi’s Grocery. To good to pass up and with a bit of complaining, Gigi agreed to sit and pose for this shot. She does not like being my subject, but after twenty years I still like shooting her more than any other. I still have a crush on her, but she she still complains about the photos.  If I’m not riding, I’m taking picture, and often of her or our daughter. Hey, at least she know where I am…..

Friday,  I loaded up my “box” of motorcycle and sent it off to the freight forwarders.  It’s shipping on Wednesday to London.  fifteen days and counting till a Plonker goes touring Europe solo.  See you all on the other side of the pond….

The Box

BMW loaded on truck

Coyote Canyon-May 2013

Quick 3-day ride up to Lone Pine, CA and through the White Mountains, loop through Mammoth and Upper Owens river for some fishing, Coyote Canyon, (outside Bishop, CA), for some more fishing and back home. 350 miles off road with the boys from the office.  Me on my KTM 690 R . 4-wheel road near the White mountain trailhead

Fishing the Owens River

Yep that's me. Takin time for a cigar and the sunset

Bishop sunset at the Owens River

Upper Owens River at Browns Camp

Flat tire at Crowley lake overlook

Crowley Lake overlook

Coyote Canyon

Damon at Coyote Canyon

Plonker Tour

max dumaz plonker tour

The official decal, or it could be. Hey when you’re as unknown as Max, an “eye catching” decal really says “Plonker” to all viewers. Well, doesn’t it? Truth is, I don’t have any images to post yet…..Yea, haven’t left yet, so this is what you get so far. I promise there will be stunning vacation photos of …not me. I’m taking the pictures. I’ll grab unsuspecting local’s and enlist them for my photo subjects. Of course there will be the often pictures of my motorcycle taken in front of famous Euro land marks. Nobody will believe I did the tour if I don’t. Back to the image at hand. Free tee shirts and decals for my friends. Oh, now you want to be my friend. Plonker too eh?

Max Dumaz European “Plonker” Tour


Max Dumaz  “Solo” European Plonker Tour. “Plonker” is a British term for…well, a dumb ass.  Plonker? I going solo to Europe without a clue where I will stay each night, or where I will travel the next day. Plonker, right?  The journey starts June 18th, 2013. Solo through Europe on a 2011 BMW R1200 GS Adventure (motorcycle- for those of you who do not know what a GS Adventure is).  I am shipping my bike via air freight to London June 1st, hoping all arrives in time to get through customs and let me begin my adventure. I am a “faux-nessional” photographer, and I will attempt to document my travels with interesting images. Shortly I will provide a “Spot” GPS tracker link so you may follow my route, or at least know where I am.