About Max

I am Maximilian Augustus Dumaz. Max Dumaz,…  And yes, pronounce it like it sounds. “Dumb-ass” That’s OK. That’s who I am. This…not my birth name, but it fits for who I have become for this blog anyway. My birth name?  Does it really matter? Those who know me, know me. Stanley Gerald “Jerry” Bronstrup IV. See?  Now you know why I choose Max.  A dumb ass, not really; a few dumb choices; most likely.  Been called one; on more occasion than I’d like to admit. Who cares!  I chose this name , and  wear it proudly.  I like the name!  I makes people smile, and some even laugh. That in itself is good. Join me in my travels, some near, some far. Mundane? never. Off the beaten path; as often as I can steal away from the constraints of modern American life. “Conservative side” folks. I actually work hard and as you will find here, play harder.

Who though, am I really beyond this name?  “Photogra-freek”, (that one is easy to figure out),  “Motociclista”, (Spanglish for Motorcyclist),  story teller, writer, Adventurer,  not you average “Joe”.  Father, friend, boss, husband. All names I wear proudly, just as I do Max Dumaz.

I’m here for an adventure. I work smart, and play hard.  I am not satisfied to sit back and watch the world go by on Saturday with the boys while drinking my life away.  I can however, drink a “six-pack”, but I choose not to. In the past,  I have though.  I don’t have one either, but again in the past, I’ve had one.  I am not; a couch potato, weekend warrior, follower, nor metro sexual megalomaniac gym rat that thinks the world revolves around me.  I am just who I am, and I accept that for what it’s worth. Not much, but I..don’t care for what you think…except that I did right by you.  I am Max Dumaz. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

This blog…is for me, and you, if you wish. Whether you choose to follow along, that’s you business. I wont be offended if you don’t. I write here, to preserve my memories, my photographs, my travels. Follow along if you will.