St-Tropez in the summer…oo la la

Saint Maxime, the other side of the bay from St-Tropez; on the Mediterranean Sea, in the summer. Now this is beginning to look more like a vacation! Imagine Cancun mixed with Beverly Hills, mixed with Santa Barbara. That’s what Ste-Maxime is. Across the bay are the cruise liners anchored in St-Tropez. Gourmet restaurants everywhere, shopping for everything and the beach covered with lotioned bodies of every shape and size. Sorry folks, the commercials lied. Not everyone is tanned and beautiful in St-Tropez, but they do have good tans. “For that St-Tropez look”….
The weather has finally turned my way and I’m enjoying back roads and scenery with wineries, old monasteries, small villages, and not so nice people. Seems the French really don’t like us, or rather they don’t like that we don’t speak their language. Quite often I have asked for assistance and I ask, “do you speak English” the reply is yes and they understand my question but when it comes time to answer, they speak only in French. It takes a few times to get the person to answer in English so I can understand. Most also look at me like I’m an idiot. I may be, but a civil answer would be appreciated. Still it’s a beautiful country to explore. The farther south the better, it’s more to us “Americans” liking. Wineries mixed with shopping and the beach. What more could most of you ask for. And some great back roads to explore on a motorcycle.

There have been a few friendly exceptions; I met a family from Norway on the ride down today. Great people. Very nice and wonderful to talk to. They spoke enough English to allow us to have good conversation. They are on the way to Cannes to also escape the rain. Another exception was the hotel clerk where I’m staying tonight; Hotellerie De La Poste. The most friendly and helpful young girl I’ve met in France. She and the hotel have gone out of their way to accommodate me-dumb American and all. I suppose there are many others just as nice. I hope I find more like this place.

Tomorrow off to Cannes and south to Italy…..or maybe I’ll stay and work on my tan.

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