London calling

Arrived! Well at least I’m here, but without my motorcycle. It’s here too….somewhere. So far I’ve already spend £100.00 in taxi fares to get to my hotel. That’s $177.00 dollars. Jeez! Wouldn’t be much of a problem except I found out that my motorcycle is west of the airport about three miles, meaning I will need to spend another £100 or so to hop a taxi back to where where my bike is just to assemble it, then ride back. Not bad, almost $400.00 to get around London before I pick up my motorcycle to start my European adventure. Thank God for cheap gas- NOT. Over $8.00 per gallon for regular and almost $10.00 for premium. Hope my motorcycle can operate on regular. Spot tracker up and running tomorrow morning. Photos too. Right now it’s time for a good Cuban cigar and a glass or two of wine before getting some sleep.

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