Leaving on a jet plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again……yea I know, lame. Sitting here in at LAX waiting for my plane to London. But I really don’t know when I’m heading home. All depends on the weather, how much fun I’m having touring Europe solo, and if my wife, family, office allow me this freedom. In approximately twelve hours I will be in London and the adventure begins, although in some ways it already has. It seems my motorcycle never made it off the truck when being delivered to Parklane BMW Motorcycles in London. They refused it! WTF! After countless emails and two phone calls to the dealers service department to secure the delivery so my bike could be unpacked and reassembled for the start of my journey, they refused my bike on the day it showed up at their doorstep. Now my bike is in some warehouse at Heathrow airport still crated and I will now need to find it, open the box, (I screwed it closed with a screw gun as required), with a hand screwdriver, unpack it, and put my motorcycle back together myself….and this is all before I leave for the Chunnel. Oh yea, it’s supposed to rain on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’d say the adventure has already begun. See you on the other side of the pond. Pictures guaranteed.

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