Max Dumaz European “Plonker” Tour


Max Dumaz  “Solo” European Plonker Tour. “Plonker” is a British term for…well, a dumb ass.  Plonker? I going solo to Europe without a clue where I will stay each night, or where I will travel the next day. Plonker, right?  The journey starts June 18th, 2013. Solo through Europe on a 2011 BMW R1200 GS Adventure (motorcycle- for those of you who do not know what a GS Adventure is).  I am shipping my bike via air freight to London June 1st, hoping all arrives in time to get through customs and let me begin my adventure. I am a “faux-nessional” photographer, and I will attempt to document my travels with interesting images. Shortly I will provide a “Spot” GPS tracker link so you may follow my route, or at least know where I am.



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